What Are Negotiations, Really?

What Are Negotiations, Really?Negotiations are powerful opportunities to transform conversations and relationships into creative collaboration. Top negotiators recognize the importance of emotional intelligence and social intelligence in achieving transformative...

Our 3-Brain System and Social Emotional Intelligence

Our 3-Brain System and Social Emotional IntelligenceThis article elucidates the remarkable synergy between Transilience, the 3-brain system, and social biology in unlocking the transformative potential of social emotional intelligence. This article explores the...

Political Stoking of Fear and Anxiety

Political Stoking of Fear and Anxiety Do they Hijack Your Amygdala to Control You?Did the image get your attention? Fear and anxiety are indeed palpable in today's society. Its prescience combined with today's...
Pursuit of Root Causes—A Fools Errand?

Pursuit of Root Causes—A Fools Errand?

Focus on solutions, building on strengths and resources, and taking small, manageable steps toward a desired outcome better gets us beyond the problem.

Emotional Literacy

Emotional Literacy

Developing emotional literacy can help us process and respond to our emotions in a constructive way, leading to better mental health and more fulfilling relationships.

Pondering Priorities

Pondering Priorities

Techs and corporate leaders often prioritize logical and analytical thinking over emotions. And they are not alone. Society by and large, also pays to keep emotions under wraps. But this approach often subverts and limits our innate potential and life satisfaction.

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