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Training or Coaching?
A Trainer Lights A Fire Under Someone. 
A Coach Lights A Fire Inside Someone.
A Trainer Affects The Hour They Are With Someone.
A Coach Affects The Hours They Are Not With Someone.
A Trainer Works Hard To Get Through The Session.
The Coach Hopes To Get Through To Someone.
A Trainer Forgets The Job Is Not To Remind People About problems.
A Coach Remembers The Job Is To Solve Them.
A Trainer Stretches Your Legs.
A Coach Stretches Your Limits. 
A Trainer Counts Your Reps.
A Coach Discounts Your Excuses.
A Trainers Is Concerned With How Much Time You Put In.
A Coach Is Concerned With How Much You Put Into The Time.
A Trainer Wants You To Do Your Best.
A Coach Wants You To Do Better Than Your Best.
A Trainer Is Concerned More With How, Where And When.
A Coach Is Concerned More With Who, What And Why.
A Trainer Develops And Delivers Your Workout.
A Coach Creates And Cultivates Your Purpose. 
Training Is Something You Do For Someone.
Coaching Is Something You Do With Someone.
The Power of the Pack

All people are leaders.
Not all have titles.


Train Teams or Team Leaders?

All people are leaders.
Not all have titles.


Pioneering Innovators

Those in relentless pursuit of excellence are the pioneers and innovators. But nothing is done alone. Building the teams that have this drive in their DNA and channel it into great outcomes that welcome the challenge and thrill at each accomplishment.


Leadership at Work and Home

All people are leaders.
Not all have titles.


Influence and Impact

Bring the folding chairs. Use your voice to fight for each other. Give voice to the voiceless.



The Human Element

Tech companies are driving change across the world, yet often they are losing their own through burn and churn just as fast. They see it, measure it, and too often, don’t know what to do.

Advising & Mentoring

Change leaders, start-ups, social entrepreneurs and NGOs exceptional at what they do, too often waste months & years when they don’t have a plan for  social impact.


Strategic Up-Skilling

Individuals and businesses need to learn on the job. The days of gradual change have long gone. And today “soft” skills are no longer optional.


Team Coaching

Limited but priceless options for individual coaching options and group coaching is available to support training and up-skilling to help make progress stick. Not only gymnasts need a good finish!

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