About Karen

A Dramatically Different Approach for Our Digital Era

I work with executives and engrepreneurs, CISOs, change-leaders and activist who spend every work day (and more) pushing boundaries, influencing thinking and behavior, impacting stakeholders and teams, and constantly learning and growing.

As technology enables innovation at increasing speeds, our human side of the equation has not always kept up with this rate of change and it has been bad for our health, relationships, and our ability to cope. Very often, this unnecessarily leads to burnout, shadow addictions if not outright addiction, loneliness, stressed health, high turnover and stressed businesses.

I help you turn the relentless shock waves of change into resourceful energies that can catapult you forward rather than be sidelined or torn apart.

… when yo are ready to do something different, we give you the where-with-all to get on with the life you want. Actually, that’s not quite ture. We don’t give you anything. You already have what you need within you, but it is not being used! We help you identify, strengthen and then master those underutilized aspects… like your personal trainer does for you in the gym.

And most importantly we get you back on track quickly and then get out of the way!

My Story

-Karen Judd Smith

My adventurers’ eye for what’s coming, profound belief in human potential and a love of science and technology sets the stage for my journey through life— an arc of exploration, contribution and age-old stories of exhilarating success and shameful defeats.

It is my incorrigible focus on the future, unbending conviction in what two or more can do together, and a “just one more time” commitment to success that makes Karen a unique trainer, coach and leader.

She as worked within and around the UN for more than twenty years, lead peacemaking teams into the middle east and on new global ventures, headed an international ocean-based experiential leadership program that included a fleet of more than 150 sport-fishing boats, trained international teams, restructured businesses and more.

When you are her mission, she will draw out parts of you you never believed could come alive.

Teams are her passion, and while she may wish to jump in and work with you, instead, she will ensure you have all the core skills you need—not the technical ones, the emotional-fitness ones—to excel in today’s work environment that has VUCA all over it—Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

It has been such environments that she excelled and always brought her teams along with her.

Now you have access to the physics major come history and philosophy of science turn theologian and international peace and justice activist (with some ocean and bus businesses thrown in.) She is not your average coach. With her at your back, you will uncover resources and strengths that change your life.

Karen will never be accused of underestimating you!

Why Work With Me & My Team?

Having worked in high-stakes, high-pressure, even life and death environs myself. I know how precious time is. And I know good solutions when I see them. More than ever, today they need to be fast—and yet uncompromising in terms of quality of solution.

I could go into the philosophy, the history of testing and more, but they take up time.

The point here is that in 2 hours a week for 4 weeks, you to get what you need to start making the difference in your life that matters the most to you right now. 

Where stress is taking a toll, learn how to use it’s energy to drive key differences you want. If you are already a little singed at the edges, you learn how to access more of your own resources to reinvigorate your life. Surprisingly easily and fast!

Oh, and did I say that you will start to have fun again? That is essential!

Books & Publications

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Personal Development

Change !t Up

Simple steps that make big changes possible after loss, grief, and trauma

Digital Transformation

United Nations Unlocked

If business as usual does not work in our VUCA world, where do we go from here?

Being Reprinted in China

United Nations Unlocked

Can the United Nations become an organization that serves our metahumanity, all nations, environment, and our collective future? Is so, what are the first steps…

Qualifications & Awards

Not all that is valuable is measured by words on parchment. But they do count.


  • Doctor of Ministry—Peace and Justice
  • Masters of Divinity
  • Bachelor of Science—Physics/History and Philosophy of Science
  • Licensed US Coast Guard Captain (Former)


  • Coaching and Training International Teams
  • UN ICT Network Visioning
  • Director, International Relations  for NGO to the UN
  • President NY Bus Charter and Tour Operator
  • Ocean Challenge Director of Education


  • 2-Time Amazon Best Seller, 2016, 2017
  • 2015-2016 NAPW VIP Circle
  • Inter-religious Woman Leader in the Holy Land, 2004