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Next Class Starts January 11, 2023

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Leaders set tone, direction and standards. But more than that, they hold groups together with vision, trustworthiness, support and the ability to bring the best out in their teams.

The Ultimate Negotiators MasterClass (UNM) is an investment in life-long influence, impact, and constant growth of your professional and personal life skills.

Pay yourself back again and again, this year and every year! This is designed for experienced professionals, managers, and emerging leaders ready to sharpen their competitive edge and bridge gaps in their skills.

You will come back to review these lessons time and again as you face the most crucial and high stakes relationships and moments in your life!

This 45-Day implementation intensive is designed for people ready to take their powerskills—communications and negotiating—to the next level.

You will leave these three action-filled days with clarity, confidence, and powerful new tools you can use again and again to sustainably transform conversations, relationships, and lives.

Join us LIVE!

Feeling drained by stress, overwhelm, or burnout? Need to reclaim your energized, fun-loving self? Say hello to our transformative 90-Minute TQ™20 Workshop – your personal "resilience spa"!

Through a powerful yet simple process, we'll revitalize your spirit and uplift your outlook. Just like a well-equipped kitchen brings joy to cooking and nourishing your body, our workshop empowers you with the skills and mindset to effortlessly nurture your resilience.

Immerse yourself in this invigorating experience that leaves you refreshed, inspired, and ready to tackle life's challenges with renewed vigor. Don't miss out on this chance to unlock the secret recipe for resilient living. Join us today and reclaim your zest for life!

We Also Provide Customized Hands-On Workshops & Training

Teams are the heart and soul of any great organization and they are our passion.
Every organization is unique and deserves customized approaches to training so as not to miss the mark or waste hard earned corporate dollars.